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An enchanted memory to last for a history


Due to the growing concern of COVID-19 and tight government restriction, with a heavy heart, we have come into a difficult decision to cancel Societal Project 2020.
We are very thankful for the excitement and support shown to our event. However, the most important thing all of us need to focus on now is to follow and abide on the health and safety measures and regulations as encouraged by the government.
Do take care of yourselves by staying safe, informed, and connected with your friends and loved ones. We sincerely hope to be able to see all of you in our event next year!


First Established in 2016, Societal Project is one of the two external events organised by PPIA RMIT. This event aims to encourage networking among students be it local or indonesian, from different universities, cultures and backgrounds to develop constructive relationships and strong networks.
This year, we aim to provide a fine dining experience as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can make new friends and make new memories. Societal Project 2020 will bring forth the theme Enchanted Forest. We want our guests to feel the essence of nature while maintaining the luxurious atmosphere complemented by the delicacies we provide.


75 Reid St. Fitzroy



The best way to get to the venue is to get a group of friends together and take a rideshare from the CBD, it is only 15 minutes away and costs approximately $10-$15!


An alternative method for getting to the venue for people who do not have access to a vehicle. It takes approximately 25 minutes to travel by tram

Instructions from the CBD are as follows: